MSD Reproduction Fact Sheets

The design on the MSD Reproduction Fact Sheets is to provide the professional with specific actions to solve reproductive inefficiencies caused by the four key areas identified to achieve the most positive reproductive results: the environment of the cow, farm management practices, host resistance, and infectious diseases.

Download the MSD Reproduction Fact Sheet Overview

The environment a cow lives in affects reproduction. Comfortable cubicles with enough space for walking and at the feed-fence, non-slippery, soft and dry floors, prevention of heat stress, etc. can make a difference.

Download A1. Housing Effect on Heat Behavior Fact Sheet

Download A2. Heat Stress Fact Sheet

Management aspects of fertility such as heat detection, AI technique, synchronization, breeding, culling, and treatment strategies are crucial aspects for the reproduction efficiency of the cows and heifers in the herd.

Download B1. Heat Detection Help Page – Skills Fact Sheet

Download B2. Artificial Insemination (AI) Technique Fact Sheet

Download B3. Synchronization Strategy Fact Sheet

Download B4. Culling_Treatment Strategy Fact Sheet

Download B5. Re-Breeding Strategy Fact Sheet

Download B6. Heifer Management Fact Sheet

Host resistance, the capacity of a cow to respond to stressors, plays a significant role in reproduction, specifically in the metabolically challenging transition period. To prevent endometritis, mastitis, lameness, and ovarian disorders, good nutrition and feeding are some of the most crucial aspects to support reproductive success.

Download C1. Feeding Fact Sheet

Download C2. Vitamins and Minerals Fact Sheet

Download C3. Dry Cow and Transition Management Fact Sheet

Download C4. Endometritis Fact Sheet

Download C5. Mastitis and Lameness Fact Sheet

Download C6. Ovarian Disorders Fact Sheet

Infectious diseases mainly affect reproduction through causing early embryonic death or abortion of the fetus in pregnant animals.

Download D1. Infectious Diseases and Reproduction Fact Sheet