MSD Compendium of AH Reproduction

The animals that are our patients make our world a much better place in which to live and work. They enrich our lives and serve us in so many different capacities. They allow us to go beyond our own abilities and technologies to help and comfort the disabled. They expand our ability to work and do things we could not do without them.

They give us enjoyment, companionship, transportation, and power. They provide sport, food, clothing, and many other by-products, from life-saving medicines to cosmetics and everything in between.

Without reproduction there would be no production. Animal reproduction is an essential element in the continued interaction between humans and animals.

The objective of this book is to update and inspire those interested in the management of reproduction in domestic animals and to provide usable solutions to challenges in the everyday life of veterinarians and their clients.

Download the 11th edition of the Compendium of Animal Reproduction