Repeat Breeding

Normally cyclic cows with no clinical abnormalities that have failed to conceive after at least three successive inseminations.

In herds where conception rates are commonly 50-55%, one would expect about 9-12% of those cows to be repeat breeders.


Early Repeats

Late Repeats

Cows come into heat Within 17-24 days after AI Later than 25 days after AI
Luteal function Shorter than normal Longer than normal

Failure of fertilization (delayed ovulation, poor semen quality)
Early embryonic death (delayed ovulation, poor embryo quality, unfavorable uterine environment, precocious luteolysis)
Inadequate luteal function, inadequate embryo signalling, infectious diseases, induced luteolysis

Diagnosis and Treatment

Evaluate heat records to classify the cow as early or late repeat.

Treatment of Repeat Breeding Treatment of Repeat Breeding option 2


  • Cows must be in a true heat when being served.
  • Insemination techniques must be as good as possible.
  • Confirm that a cow is not pregnant before serving. If the cow is pregnant, AI may cause fetal loss.
  • Identify and treat cows with vulvular discharge before starting to serve them.
  • Don’t start serving too soon after calving.
  • Minimize stress at service.