Partners in Reproduction

Partners in Reproduction

Optimizing reproduction performance in bovines.

Physiology of cows and heifers

Understanding the normal physiology of puberty, the oestrus cycle and pregnancy in cattle, means successful reproduction management.

Oestrus induction and synchronisation

Pharmacological oestrus management improves heat detection rates resulting in improved reproduction results in herds using artificial insemination.

Reproduction in Zebu

Understanding differences in physiology and oestrus management between bos indicus and bos taurus breeds results in successful management techniques.

Reproduction in Buffalo

The buffalo population is on the increase playing a prominent role in rural livestock production and in developed areas to provide high quality dairy products.

Reproductive performance is a major factor affecting the production and economic efficiency of dairy and beef herds.

For the optimal production of both milk and calves, the target is for every cow in the herd to produce a live healthy calf each year, i.e. a calving interval of 365 days. The control of reproduction in the dairy herd is only one component of the whole farm management package, which should be the preserve of the veterinary practice.

About this website

This web site is intended for veterinary practitioners focusing as well as other professionals involved in cattle production worldwide. There is also information on the specialised aspects of reproduction in Zebu breed cattle and domestic buffalo.

Some parts of this website are for veterinarians only, vets can register by following the registration link.

Merck Animal Health

Merck Animal Health manufactures and markets veterinary products including vaccines, anti-infectives, anti-parasitics, reproduction hormones and other pharmaceuticals.

Merck Animal Health has a leading position in reproduction management in domestic animals with a wide range of indispensable tools for management of reproduction and treatment of various disorders in domestic animals.

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The special vet's section provides extra information for vets in the field of bovine reproduction.

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