Pathogenesis of anovulatory status/anoestrus in cattle

Resumption of cyclic activity after calving is influenced by:

  • nutrition
  • body condition
  • suckling
  • lactation
  • dystocia
  • breed
  • age
  • month of calving
  • uterine pathology
  • debilitating disease

Fewer than 10% of cows fail to ovulate in most well-managed dairy herds by day 40 post partum. In beef cattle, this may be up to 60% due to the suppressive effect of suckling, nutrition, season etc.

It is well established that poor nutritional status and Negative Energy Balance are responsible for the majority of anoestrus cases in both dairy and beef cattle.

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cow with calf

Many different factors can influence the resumption of cyclic activity after calving.