Oestrus management in beef cows

Objectives for oestrus management in a beef herd

  • A compact breeding season followed by a short, planned calving season- induction of oestrus and insemination of the maximum number of cows within an acceptable period post partum
  • A uniform calf crop- for rearing farms and feedlots
  • Increased use of AI- to improve genetic merit of herds and limit the spread of infectious diseases
  • Management of embryo donors and recipients- in embryo transfer programs
  • Management of oestrus in cows with suckling calves

Pharmacological oestrus management

Can also be used as therapeutic measure in cases of:

Because of high incidence of post partum anoestrus in beef herds the following methods of oestrus management are recommended:

Beef cows with calves, especially reared on pasture:

Beef cows in smaller herds with high percentage of cycling cows:

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