Reproduction in Zebu

Cattle types of bos indicus species (zebu) play an important economical and social role especially in the developing countries.

In the tropics, bos indicus animals predominate, due to their greater adaptation to high temperatures and humidity.

Breeds of bos indicus cattle found in different parts of the world
RegionSome of the bos indicus breeds managed in these regions 
AsiaGir (Gyr), Hariyana, Kankrej (Guzerat), Ongole ( Nellore ), Red Sindhi, Sahiwal and Tharpakar.
North and South AmericaBrahman, Nellore (Ongole), Gir, and Guzerat (Kankrej)
AfricaSanga, Azaouak, Sokoto , Senegal Fulani, White Fulani, Red Bororo, Abyssinian, Boran, Angoni, Bambara, Ankole, Danakil, Barotse, Tuli, Meshona, Nguni, Basutu, Afrikaner
bos indicus cattle