Are prostaglandins less efficient in bos indicus cows?

There is a wide spread common opinion that prostaglandins show lower efficacy in bos indicus cows. This is however not true as the efficacy of the commercial products in terms of luteolysis is absolutely comparable in cows of both genetic types.

The oestrus response to the treatment varies however dramatically. In bos indicus cattle, even when the presence of a CL was confirmed at the time of treatment, the oestrous response was about 30% less than the 90% reported for bos taurus cattle (reviewed in Galina and Arthur, 1990). In two other studies, although 80-100% of the cows treated with PGF had luteal regression, only 29-60% were detected in oestrus (Moreno et al., 1986; Alonso et al., 1995) and 51% (29/57) ovulated (Alonso et al., 1995) within 5 days of treatment.

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